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Peu Pereira is a music producer, multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, musical researcher and cultural producer and he has been developing Cultural Exchange projects, Social projects and Phonographic projects in order to expose Brazilian Culture and the Brazi's positive image in the world.


His curriculum includes his signature as a music producer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist in various music productions of various artists nationally known in Brazil, through his own producer and Recording studio “Pulsom Productions” that has a new office in Georgia, United States.

With a brilliant career, Peu recently released his first authorial work as a solo instrumentalist in the United States, with a beautiful show at High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA, on December, 2020.


A close student of Brazilian musical rhythms, Peu is writing his first book, entitled "Spelling Book  on the Musical Staff - Drums on the strings: Northeastern Rhythms", that will include illustrative examples with sheet music of the songs of the EP "Origins Without Borders".

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