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Sound Of Brazil series Brazil Nordestino

      The singer Fernanda Noronha and multi-instrumentalist Peu Pereira conceived the show “Brasil Nordestino” in order to spread Brazilian Northeastern music around the world, especially the most celebrated in June parties in Brazil. After Carnival, the June Festival or“Festa de São João” is the second most important popular celebration of Brazilian Culture and, in the repertoire, the artist will present classics of the traditional Forró (Pé-de-Serra), Maracatu, Xote, Baião, Xaxado , from Lamento sertanejo, among other genres that mention the purpose of this celebration. With approximately 1 hour of performance, the show has a repertoire of songs recorded by Elba Ramalho, Dominguinhos, Luiz Gonzaga, among other names of Brazilian Northeastern Music, as well as songs written by the artists.

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