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Through studies and his musical experiences along his professional career, in addition to the fascination with the universe of Brazilian music, especially the rhythms of African nuances, the multi-instrumentalist and composer Peu Pereira and the singer and songwriter Fernanda Noronha present the workshop “ Brazilian Rhythms – Sounds of Northeast of Brazil”.

The rhythms of the Afro-Brazilian universe chosen and that will be presented at this workshop are: Sambas, where Samba is divided into Kabila, Samba-de-roda and Samba Reggae; Baião and Maracatu, the latter being divided into: “Maracatu Nação” (Baque Virado) and Maracatu Rural (Baque Virado).

In the presentation of these 3 rhythms will be presented brief histories of their origins, the main characteristics of each and the musical instruments that are generally used in the execution of these rhythms.

With the purpose of spreading Brazilian music, the “duo” workshop allows participants, moments of exchange and experimentation of the exposed content, in this case, the six rhythms approached, in a relaxed and informative way.

The workshop lasts from 01h and 30min, in a very interactive class, in which participants are invited to try and know the content, through instruments such as: the voice, the guitar and “atabaques” and even sounds using one's own body.

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