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Born into a family of musicians, his father was a great reference and a precursor in the music industry, so that Peu and all members of his family joined this art. The artist Peu Pereira started his career very young. At the age of 17 he had already entered the music professionally and continued his activism in this profession as a multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger and music producer, performing in various stages in Brazil, in major festivals, private events and shows with his own band and also accompanying renowned artists in Brazil.

His curriculum includes several bands from various musical segments, and records his signature in phonographic and audiovisual recordings of artists and bands regionally and nationally known in Brazil, such as: Edil Pacheco; Cicinho de Assis; Raimundo Sodré; Carlos Pita; Val Macambira; Fleur-de-lis; Concertina Maluka (his own band), among others.

In his artistic career, Pereira also signs as a music producer, arranger and instrumentalist in various music productions (CDs, DVDs, Soundtracks, among other musical activities) of various artists in Brazil, through his own producer and Recording studio “Pulsom Productions”.

In 2018 Peu moved to the United States and lives in Atlanta, Georgia, and has been promoting his art with excellence and prominence, both as an instrumentalist, participating in various festivals such as Summer Shade Festival (GA, 2019), International Jazz Series – Cultural Exchange (GA, 2019), Brazilian Folks Festival (FL, 2018), Houston Country Festival (TX, 2019) Houston Brazilian Carnaval (TX, 2019), among others, as presenting his workshop / master class in partnership with the singer/songwriter Fernanda Noronha “Brazilian Rhythms – Sounds of Northeast of Brazil” in universities around the USA such as Georgia State University (GA, 2019), University of Georgia (GA, 2019), among others, and as a music producer in some productions.

In 2018 Peu released his first authorial work as a solo instrumentalist in Brazil and recently this same album was released in The United States, with a show at High Museum of Art in Atlanta (GA), on December 2020. Admirer of the richness of Brazilian musical genres, was composed the EP "Origins Without Borders", a work resulting from the research and musical experiences of the artist, which shows the diversity of Brazilian rhythms, through instrumental music, performed with mastery by the Bahia’s musician. It is also worth mentioning that this beautiful work had special appearances by great musicians, such as Cicinho de Assis; Moises de Jesus; Hito Pereira; Nylson Ribeiro; Edy; Felipe de Castro; Xipa Baiano; Fernando Martins and Renan Nonato.

About his workshop, through studies and his musical experiences along his professional career, in addition to the fascination with the universe of Brazilian music, especially the rhythms of African nuances, the multi-instrumentalist and composer Peu Pereira and the singer and songwriter Fernanda Noronha present the workshop “ Brazilian Rhythms – Sounds of Northeast of Brazil”. The rhythms of the Afro-Brazilian universe chosen and that are presented at this workshop are: Sambas, where Samba is divided into Kabila, Samba-de-roda and Samba Reggae; Baião and Maracatu, the latter being divided into: “Maracatu Nação” (Baque Virado) and Maracatu Rural (Baque Virado).

Currently Peu has been presenting the program “” with the singer Fernanda Noronha. This “Live show” is a show, in which artists interact with the public, through musical performances and comments on current themes, linked to music, culture, information and much more . In fact, the program has the participation of several prominent personalities from social networks and has the cultural support of the Consulate General of Brazil in Atlanta and other important institutions in Brazil and in the USA.

Peu has been developing Cultural exchange projects and phonographic projects in order to expose Brazilian Culture in the world and he is already conducting several projects, which include touring his album solo across the country; new phonographic projects at his new recording studio in Georgia, his first book entitled “Spelling Book on the Musical Staff – Drums on the strings: Northeastern Rhythms” among other musical surprises that will soon be presented to the general public.

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